Breakthrough Advertising

by Eugene Schwartz
236 pages - Hardcover

One reader wrote:

"I have been looking for Eugene Schwartz's book, Breakthrough Advertising, for 3 years now. Today, there are only 130 of these books to be found — scattered in libraries all over the world. These are the original copies of Breakthrough Advertising... it is said to be the most stolen library book in the world."

— Michael Senoff
    San Diego CA

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Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz — the greatest book ever written on direct marketing and advertising — has just been republished.

Why a new edition? Martin Edelston, Boardroom's CEO, says "The book was recently selling online for $900 (used), so I felt we had to reissue it. After all, we built a wonderful business with these concepts — so can others."

The late Gene Schwartz used to marvel that people came to him regularly to say they directly credited Breakthrough Advertising with their making millions of dollars.

That's when Gene realized his book was about much more than just "advertising." It's about a way to develop an entirely new market for a new or an old product. It involves a number of clearly defined steps. Breakthrough Advertising shows you every single one of those steps.

Put simply, Gene's masterpiece addresses the universal problem of all copywriting: How to write a headline — and an ad that follows it — that will open up a whole new market.

"Breakthrough Advertising," Gene said, "is not about building better mousetraps. It is, however, about building larger mice — and then building a terrifying fear of them in your customers. It's about helping to shape the largest and strongest market possible, and then intensifying that market's reaction to its basic need or problem, and to the 'exclusive' solution you have to offer."

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