How to Make Maximum Money 
in Minimum Time

"16 of the Fastest Cash-Producing Secrets Known to Man!"

by Gary C. Halbert 114 pages
     This book contains 16 different reports, 9 of which are back issues of Gary's $195-a- year newsletter (back issues sell for $16.25 each!!!). This book gives you some of the greatest money-making information available anywhere. 
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"... I have never read any book so full of 
vital moneymaking information."
This book is a MUST-HAVE because in it you'll discover:
  • The Exact Secret Which Led To More Than 7,300,000 People Sending Him Millions Of Dollars!
  • How To Get A Product To Sell If You Don't Have One Already And How To Get It For Nothing!
  • How To Get As Much Money As You Need To "Roll Out" Your Project And Get It Without Borrowing!
  • How To Get Movie And TV Stars To Help You Sell Your Products and Services!
  • An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your Newspaper Advertising 750% More Profitable!
  • How To Get The Exact Name And Address Of Every Man, Woman and Child Who Is Ever Likely To Become One Of Your Customers!
  • What To Write On A Simple Postcard Mailing That Will Make People Flood Into Your Business!
  • A Simple Step-by-Step Technique To Write Powerful Sales Letters Even If You've Never Done It Before!
  • How To Mail Up To 100,000 Letters Per Week At No Cost Whatsoever! (not even postage)!
  • How To Use 900 Numbers To Get People To Pay To Hear Your Sales Pitch!
  • How To Make Your Ad In The Yellow Pages Pull In 400% More Business Than It Does Now - At No Extra Charge!
  • How To Use Cheap Little Classified Ads To Make As Much As $10,000 Per Day!
  • How To Use A "Secret" Technique To Find Your Dream Lover!
  • How To Get Yourself Or Your Product Featured On Cable TV At No Cost Whatsoever!
  • The Dark Side Of Success: What You Should Avoid Doing At All Costs!
  • How To Get The Most Valuable Free Gift In All The World!

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