Tips for Marketing For Home Insurance Company

The insurance business industry is not a glamorous one, and it can be hard to sell policies for home insurance. Your customers don’t proactively ‘want’ what you are selling, and they see sorting out their next year’s contract as being an inconvenience rather than something fun. Often, consumers will start a home insurance policy with a company and then just let it auto renew because they don’t see value in changing provider. Why would they research better prices if they don’t really understand the market? They’ll assume that it makes more sense to just stay with the company they are already with. That insurer was competitive a year or two ago, so why wouldn’t it be competitive now?
A huge part of marketing is educating your customers, and that’s something that a good agency such as can help with.

Online Marketing For Home Insurance Company 

When it comes to online Marketing for Home Insurance Company owners, there are a few things that should be done. Remember the basic principle of marketing. The more contact you have with your prospective customers, the more likely it is that they will buy from you. It takes several contacts or brand exposure to go from not knowing who a brand is to thinking of that brand when someone mentions a given product or service. You need to get your brand to that level.
Content marketing is useful for appealing to homeowners and gradually building up a relationship with them so that they have some enthusiasm for spending money with you when the time comes for them to renew their policies. Some brands go as far as to offer white papers and advice about various homeowner issues, and will then collect information about when each person is due to renew their policies. This allows them to send out a little extra marketing information close to the renewal time, to catch the person when they are thinking about their policy, and when it is a good time to try to get to secure an account with them.

Price Comparison 

Another useful area for marketing is price comparison sites. Some savvy homeowners do proactively manage their accounts with utilities, finance, insurance and other companies to help ensure that they are always getting the best deals and not over-paying. A good marketing agency will make an effort to get a company listed on all of the major price comparison sites so that they can get maximum visibility. The consumers that use these services are highly tech-savvy and financially savvy and have clear purchase intent, which means that they’re a great option for marketing too. Many of them are also “influencers” which means that you have a chance to reach their friends and family with a good scheme as well.

Offline Marketing For Home Insurance Company 

You might think that when it comes to marketing for home insurance company owners, you might think that offline marketing is an obsolete idea, but this could not be further from the truth. There’s a lot to be said for the old-fashioned marketing methods. Remember that this is one category of service where people are quite risk averse. There’s a legitimacy to direct mail and advertisements in print media and other more ‘respected’ mediums that make people more willing to open their wallets and make that leap. This means that if you can build up a good contact database and figure out when people are likely to need to renew their existing accounts, then you will have a good chance of netting conversions.
Face to face marketing, ideas such as street teams and stands in stores, can work well in some areas but it really depends on the area in question. That’s where market research is useful. It would not make sense to have a team deployed to promote your company in an area where most people are student renters unless your company has the student-specific content cover offering. Look for the more affluent areas where most of the shoppers are homeowners or young professionals who are looking for a full policy because that’s the customer that will give you the most value.

Build Your Brand 

This is a competitive industry, and it can be hard to compete against the established offerings. If you’re a company that operates in one specific area then invest heavily in building up your brand in that area. One thing that many companies report success with is sponsoring local sports teams or charitable events. Think of it this way – if you are sponsoring a children’s football team then the parents will see your logo regularly, and will think positively about how you helped their child to travel to the state cup, and how you supported them with kit and training facilities. When it comes time to renew a policy, as long as your brand is not outrageously expensive the fact that you sponsored them is more likely to be a swinging point than any minor thing in the terms and conditions.
Marketing at its core is all about relationships. If you have an established brand then it’s easier to grow your customer base through referrals, and through special offers, but with a product or service that is purchased once a year – such as a home insurance policy, it takes time to reach people and to see the results of your efforts. So, if you are bringing a consultant on board to e willing to wait a while to see results.
Try to find a company that has experience with this niche, and that has helped other businesses to grow, ideally, ones that are similar to yours but not a direct competitor.  Most responsible marketers will not work with anyone who could be seen as being in direct competition with you, because of the risk that it would bring up a conflict of interest or dilute the work that they are doing. This is a genuine possibility in something as niche as home cover, so it is well worth doing your homework.